were here!
2005 - 2020

Special huge THANKS!

To all great people, with whom I've worked with.

It's been 15 amazing and unforgettable years.

Together we've done so many great projects (for countless companies) that I'm proud of.

In particular, I'd like to thank those incredible individuals with whom we started thePIXERS and without whom it wouldn't have been possible:

Marek Sidorenko (My Great Little Brother)

Maciej Taranienko (Celtyk/Kyeno)

Edyta Taranienko (Edith)

Especially I'd like to thank these kick-ass shining stars who have formed and supported thePIXERS over the years:

Natalia Bienias

Wojtek Górski as Pyro

Patrycja Lalek

Antoni Łoskot

Magda Łukomska

Bartek Mendecki

Marysia Panas

Zosia Rola-Janicka

Wojtek Ślawski as Wojton

Andrzej Wąsowski

Arek Zieliński

... and numerous other awesome collaborators ...

Great job. Thank you.

- Sidor, one of thePIXERS